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Air conditioned classrooms have become an expectation amongst parents of students and staff of Brisbane schools, and can be a consideration in choosing a school to attend. Air conditioning in classrooms is essential for delivering a more comfortable teaching and learning environment for staff and students to stay focused during hot and humid conditions.

The Queensland Government Cooler Schools Program is endeavouring to provide air conditioning to all classrooms, libraries and staff rooms, and has laid down strict guidelines for installation of air conditioning in Queensland State Schools.

We can help Brisbane schools to choose the most suitable and most efficient air conditioning system for their long-term needs.

A typical domestic split system is not necessarily suited to a classroom environment, due to the number of students in a room, the layout of the building and the fresh air requirements.

At LCM Air Conditioning, we understand how all air conditioning systems work, from large to small. We have worked on a whole range of commercial air conditioning systems across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, including those that are used to keep classrooms cool. It is one of the main reasons we have become one of the most trusted commercial air conditioning specialists in southeast Queensland.

LCM Air Conditioning are commercial air conditioning specialists. Our years of expertise ensure that there is no job we can’t handle.

Some of the things we take care of when it comes to ensuring your school’s air conditioning system is always running smoothly are:

Our Commercial Services


Our team at LCM Air Conditioning can design an air conditioning system to suit a new build or to be incorporated into an existing building. There are different types of air conditioning systems that are more suited to installation into a classroom setting. A typical domestic high wall split system might not be the best solution for a classroom full of students and the ever-increasing presence of computers or other electronic equipment. A lot of older school buildings have heritage considerations and structural limitations. Our team is experienced in designing an air conditioning solution to accommodate a variety of factors. There are other types of air conditioning systems such as ducted systems, multi head systems, cassette systems, under ceiling systems or a combination of these air conditioning systems that can be installed into Brisbane schools. We can also supply any brand of air conditioning system to suit, although from our experience we will recommend particular brands to ensure longevity and reliability. We will also arrange condenser cages for the safety of the students and the equipment, permanent labeling to ensure the equipment is used correctly, and ongoing maintenance.

Breakdown and Repairs

With more than two thirds of Queensland schools already air conditioned, these systems can sometimes break down during the long hot Queensland summers. With multiple mobile technicians, we can be there quickly to diagnose the issue and devise the best course of action to repair the air conditioning as quickly as possible. We will always try to repair a system wherever possible to extend the life of the air conditioning system and ensure that the school is getting the most of each system. We can diagnose and repair just about any type or brand of system.


Since the air conditioning systems in schools are typically cooling a lot of people in a small space, we recommend regular servicing of the air conditioning systems to maintain optimum efficiency and hygiene and ultimately to extend the life of the systems. We understand that after the initial investment of installing the air conditioning systems, the energy costs can be significant so it’s important that the systems are operating as efficiently as possible. We offer preventative maintenance programs to hygienically clean the systems and check the air conditioning systems are operating as efficiently as possible. We will regularly check over the systems for any issues that may affect the performance of the systems, and carry out maintenance before it escalates to a bigger and unfortunately a more costly problem.

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