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Shopping Centres have become, at times, a place for people to escape the heat (especially here in Brisbane). Whether it be doing the weekly grocery shop or just catching up with friends to have lunch and get some retail therapy, it is widely expected that when you pass those automatic sliding doors, you are welcomed with a breath of cold, comforting air.

At LCM Air Conditioning, we have worked with some of the biggest shopping centres in Brisbane, ensuring that the air conditioning systems are always running smoothly. It is one of the main reasons we have become one of the most trusted air conditioning specialists in and around the Brisbane area.

LCM Air Conditioning are specialists in commercial air conditioning, and there is no job that we can’t handle.

Some of the services we offer when it comes to shopping centres are:

Our Commercial Services


Given the wide variety of the types of shops most shopping centres feature, it is imperative that the installation of the air conditioning system is not only completely functional but can handle the different settings shops may need. You don’t need Kmart to be kept as cool as Leonards, now do you.

Breakdown and Repairs

It can be extremely frustrating having an air conditioning unit breakdown for one store in a shopping centre but be fine for the rest. Not only does it make it uncomfortable for the customers in the store but can also affect the stores bottom line because let’s face it, no one would stick around a sweltering mess when they can go to a store next door who have a nice, cool environment. That is where our team of air conditioning specialists comes in. We can isolate the issue and fix the problem without disrupting any other store.


Don’t want your air conditioning unit breaking down and disrupting sales in your shopping centre? Want to make sure an issue is fixed because it ever becomes a serious problem? At LCM Air Conditioning, our maintenance service can ensure that things continue to run smoothly and that issues don’t become bigger than they need to be.

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Want to make sure that you continue to keep up the foot traffic in your shopping centre by offering an air-conditioned environment? Contact us today and one our expert team members will be in touch.

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