Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service in Brisbane

LCM Air Conditioning is one of Brisbane’s leading service providers for air conditioning systems. We provide comprehensive solutions to help increase efficiency of the systems installed at home or at your workspace. With us, you can find the best system to install based on space and your needs. Our technicians assess your space to determine a suitable system to provide the most efficient cooling at minimum energy consumption. Here, we often recommend Fujitsu air conditioning systems to our clients.

Fujitsu is a part of the renowned global brand Fujitsu General for ACs and humidity control systems. Their product line up is a diverse one, having suitability for a wide variety of installation spaces. For a climate like that of Brisbane, Fujitsu is a great choice due to their advanced cooling technology for maximum seasonal efficiency, environment-friendly technology and nominal power consumption.

LCM Air Conditioning provides installation, repair and servicing of Fujitsu systems in Brisbane for residential and commercial projects of all scales. For each project, we take a unique approach towards the design, installation, integration, restoration and upkeep of the system. Since our inception, our mission has been to provide only the best services and systems.

If you are considering installation of an air conditioning system, or specifically the installation of a Fujitsu air conditioner, make sure to go with a model and an installation contractor who can deliver optimum performance in all respects. By choosing us, you can rest assured about the performance of the system, its maintenance and everything else that can be a concern.

Why You should Choose Us

We are a group of trained professionals who have the relevant expertise that spans over a period of 50 years. This cumulative experience and our understanding of the industry and the systems we deal in gives us an upper hand over our competition. We handpick systems from the best of the global brands while keeping the budget constraints in mind. We take care to choose environmentally responsible brands and models that do not affect the ecosystem adversely, while also making sure that the clients get the highest value for the money spent.

LCM Air Conditioning Services

Our services include the following:
1) Installation of air conditioning systems
2) Repairs of installed systems
3) Replacement of parts and components
4) Residential mechanical ventilation and air conditioning services
5) Commercial mechanical ventilation and air conditioning services
6) Maintenance of installed systems

We offer air conditioning and mechanical ventilation services throughout Brisbane which start with an on-site inspection to determine what would work best in your home or office space. The information we gather from this inspection helps us provide an appropriate quote and suggest the models that will work best for your setting. Since we work with a wide range of brands, you get many choices of varying makes and types. In addition to residential services, we also offer commercial air conditioning services in Brisbane.

How can You Schedule an Appointment?

Scheduling an appointment with LCM Air Conditioning is very easy. You can either give us a call or send us an email. Our representative will get back to you to work out a schedule for the inspection at a mutually convenient time.

Thereafter, the estimate is done relatively quickly. We ensure that the estimate provided is always feasible for us as well as for you. This estimate is provided considering your budget and air conditioning requirements. We then provide recommendations on the brand and type of air conditioning units that would work best in the circumstances or we can provide various options.

How Long will it take to Complete the Installation?

Most of the installations get done in a few hours. In the cases where there is no existing air ducting system, it could take a bit longer. These systems allow the airflow to circulate freely through your home or office. Once this part is taken care of, the remaining part is simply a matter of setting up the AC unit. The size of the installation space will determine the kilowatts required to cool the area. Once we’ve agreed on the scope of works and you accept the quotation, we take care of the rest and will discuss the remaining details with you before going ahead with the installation.

Get in touch with us to learn more information about LCM Air Conditioning or for Fujitsu system installations, repairs and servicing. Give us a call on 1300 526 247 or mail us at