An air conditioning unit is more than a necessity, especially if you are in a subtropical location like Brisbane, where the climate is humid and warm throughout a major part of the year. Hot and humid places require extensive use of air conditioners and central air systems that are installed at homes, in offices and other commercial establishments. Here, a good system will function better and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. This is where expert professionals for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation services come in. LCM Air Conditioning is a reputable service provider for households and commercial establishments across Brisbane.

Haier is a Chinese multinational company which is a leading manufacturer of home appliances, that includes air conditioners, among other things like mobile phones, microwave ovens, televisions, washing machines and refrigerators. Their ACs are highly sought after due to their efficiency in terms of cooling and energy consumption and their economic pricing.

LCM Air Conditioning and the Services

Air conditioners that are not functioning optimally need to be repaired before the onset of summer. In case a new system needs to be installed or the existing one needs to be replaced, Haier systems are worth considering. At LCM Air Conditioning services, we provide installation, repair and maintenance of multiple leading brands, Haier being one of them. Our professional expertise includes all services related to air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.

The Basic Workflow for Our Services

We provide services for both residential and commercial clients including site assessments, installations, breakdown diagnosis, repairs and maintenance.

These steps are executed by our trained technicians who ensure that the installed or repaired system operates flawlessly for the longest time. They are qualified technicians, trained in HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, who also hold the appropriate licenses for refrigeration handling offered by the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Our team of technicians work in collaboration with our staff who support them and ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time and the clients’ needs are met.

Why Choose Us?

With LCM Air Conditioning, your commercial, residential, or industrial air conditioning needs are fulfilled and the best solutions are provided. When deciding on the options for a particular project, we take an individual approach and prioritise fulfillment of all the needs of the client, while also making sure that the cost overheads are kept to a minimum. Having worked with so many brands and air conditioning systems over the years, we can suggest the best systems from leading brands like Haier.

Our projects start with an examination of the site where the installation is to be done. Following this examination, our technicians will provide a tentative quote for the process, which also includes suggestion of models for you to choose from. Once the scope of work is agreed upon, the rest of the process is taken care of by our experienced team.

Scheduling An Appointment With Us

You can visit our website to book a service online. You can also call us on 1300 526 247. We will send a representative to the site for inspection and provide a workable quote. These formalities have minimum downtime so that you get sufficient time to decide once you receive the quote from us. We within the budget of our clients.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Over the years, we have worked with various types of systems, a few of the common ones being ducted systems, multi-head split systems, cassette systems, and wall-mounted split systems. The scale of the project, the layout of the area to be cooled and any existing air conditioning systems collectively determine the tailor made solution for each project.   We ensure that the installation is carried out in an efficient and professional manner with as little inconvenience to the homeowner or business owner.

If you are now thinking of getting a new Haier air conditioning unit installed, give us a call on 1300 526 247. You can also email us at admin@lcmair.com.au to schedule an appointment with our representative and to get a quote.