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There are a number of air conditioning options depending on your specific requirements. So if you’re unsure of which product would best suit your home or business, we’ve made it easy with our simple guide to choose the right air conditioning system for your needs.

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Ducted System

An indoor unit within the ceiling or floor with vents located throughout the house.

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Wall Mounted Split System

Individually controlled units for low cost running and ideal temperatures.

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Multi Head Split System

A number of individually controlled indoor units running off one outdoor compressor.

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Cassette System

A great option when there is not enough roof space for a ducted system.

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Ducted System

A ducted system comprises of an indoor unit mounted in the ceiling connected to an outdoor compressor via refrigerant pipes, and flexible ducting distributing conditioned air to vents in each of the rooms. A ducted system can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one, and once installed, only the controller, suction grilles and discharge vents are visible inside your home. The ducted system can be zoned to allow cooling or heating of different areas at different times. For example, you may want the bedrooms in zone one, the living areas in zone two and so on, and then you can choose which zone to turn on at any time. Our expert in-house designer will discuss the best layout and options for optimum air circulation. Also, We have an authorised expert team for installing ducted air conditioning system in Brisbane.

Diagram of wall mounted air conditioner | LCM Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Split System

This air conditioning system comprises of an indoor unit mounted high on a wall and an outdoor compressor positioned nearby.

Split systems are mostly reverse cycle, so they can cool and heat rooms. The size of the system depends on the size and position of the room, windows and insulation.

Split systems are more expensive to purchase and install than window and wall units but produce less room noise and are usually more energy efficient.

The cheapest installation method for installing a split system is known as a “back-to-back” installation. This is where the indoor unit is positioned inside on an external wall and directly beneath it. On the outside is the outdoor compressor with the pipework and electrical inter-connectors running neatly in PVC ducting between the two parts.

Multi-head air conditioner | LCM Air Conditioning

Multi Head Split System

This system allows a number of individually controlled indoor units to be run off one outdoor compressor. Due to the additional engineering required for the outdoor compressor, plus the fact that each room still requires an individual unit, a multi-head system is generally not more cost effective than individual wall mounted split systems. This is, however, the best solution where there is limited space for multiple outdoor compressors.

Cassette Air Conditioner | LCM Air Conditioning

Cassette System

A Cassette System comprises of an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor, and are mostly reverse cycle.  The indoor unit can either be mounted to the ceiling where there is not enough space in the ceiling (under ceiling system),  or in the ceiling whereby the system is flush with the ceiling.    Cassette systems may be preferable where there isn’t an ideal location for a wall mounted indoor unit.

What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

Inverter (variable speed) technology is used to control the compressor motor located in the outdoor unit. This conserves energy by matching the motor power to the air conditioning load requirements.  Once the desired temperature is reached, the system adjusts the power output to ensure that the desired temperature is constantly maintained, without large temperature fluctuations.

A non-inverter (fixed speed) air conditioner is constantly starting and stopping the compressor to control the room temperature, resulting in greater temperature fluctuations and using more energy.

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